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Long-Term Care Insurance is one of the fastest growing employee benefit plans. Long-Term Care Insurance complements employee health insurance and disability insurance plans. While health insurance pays for medical care and disability insurance replaces earned income lost due to disabling illness or injury, only Long-Term Care Insurance is designed to pay the cost of extended care giving. Without a Long-Term Care Insurance plan, any retirement plan is at severe risk.


With a group benefit plan, eligible employees can receive discounted rates for themselves and their spouse/domestic partner. There can also be modified underwriting requirements making it easier for employees to qualify for coverage.


Businesses experience decreased productivity and increased absenteeism due to employees becoming working care givers for parents. With many Long-Term Care Insurance carriers, the discounted rates even extend to your employee’s family members. Female employees who care for elderly or sick relatives with Long-Term Care Insurance are twice as likely to stay in the workforce.


As a Long-Term Care Insurance Specialist, Mary can help you educated your employees about the importance of Long-Term Care planning and support you with implementing:

Voluntary, Core Buy-Up, Carve-Out Plans

Employer Plan Discounts of 5%-10%

Modified Underwriting requirements

Pre-communication Employee Education Plans

Professional Employee Education Workshops and Family Member Consultations

Payroll Deduction with Premium List Billing


Talk with Mary today to discuss options and additional benefits of Long-Term Care Insurance for you and your employees!

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